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Bashing the Top Assisted Living Myths

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For many seniors today, the idea of heading to an assisted living facility can be an overwhelming prospect. This is because there are several misconceptions about assisted living out there and unfortunately a great deal of stigma surrounding assisted living communities. However, most of these preconceived notions are completely false. This is why it is so important that seniors, their loved ones and their caregivers understand that many of these ideas are myths and have no truth behind them. We are bashing some of these top assisted living myths and providing the truth about these myths.

Myth: Moving to Assisted Living Means Not Getting to See Family

Truth: While assisted living communities can provide seniors with the care that they need, it doesn?t mean that their family members can?t help or that they can?t come and see their senior loved one all of the time. Most assisted living communities offer family members with complete access to their loved one. Seniors can get visitors as they need and they can leave to go see families as they want. It is important to just think about this move as moving to a new apartment or home instead of moving away from family.

Myth: Moving to Assisted Living Means Losing Privacy

Truth: Being in assisted living does not mean that seniors are losing their independence or their privacy. Seniors can still stay very private, they can choose to leave or stay in their apartment as they need and most importantly they can choose to live life the way that they want. Seniors can lock their doors and still have all of the privacy they want in their apartment, the decision is completely up to them.

Myth: Assisted Living Communities are the Same as Nursing Homes

Truth: An assisted living community isn?t the same as a nursing home. Some seniors feel as though moving to an assisted living community means they will be rolled around in a wheelchair all day without having any fun. This is completely false. Assisted living facilities offer much more independence than many seniors assume. Seniors can still have a lot of fun and a lot of independence and they can be in a very social community of other active and engaging seniors. Community life for seniors often means that they are more active and more engaged as they have an opportunity to socialize and be around their friends and peers.

Myth: Living in an Assisted Living Community Means Abandoning Hobbies

Truth: Just because seniors are moving to an assisted living community, it doesn?t mean that they can?t continue to enjoy their hobbies. Whether they belonged to social clubs, went to the gym or loved to garden, seniors who are living in assisted living can still continue to operate their lives as normal and continue to enjoy all of their favorite hobbies.

Understanding the truth behind these myths can help seniors and their loved ones make a smart decision about assisted living while understanding all of the benefits that these communities can offer.

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