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New Indian American Assisted Living Facility Highlights the Trend of Niche Senior Communities

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Assisted living communities have become a safe haven for many seniors today who are looking for a place to spend their golden years in style and comfort. Long gone are the day when assisted living facilities came with a stigma or were seen as the same thing as a nursing home. Today, these communities are much more resort-like than hospital-like and they are increasingly able to provide residents with more amenities and features than they ever thought possible.

These senior living facilities are not only becoming more posh and exciting, but there has also been an emerging trend of new niche senior communities designed to adhere to the needs of specific types of residents. Recently, an Indian American senior living facility opened in Tavares, Florida, and was established with the goal of providing a comfortable place for seniors from India to retire in style.

The ambiance, food and even the religious practices are all based in Indian culture, so that Indian Americans can make certain they are receiving everything they need to retire comfortably while still maintaining their cultural practices. The facility is designed to foster a feeling of belonging in their community and to make sure that seniors not only have access to the services they need but that they can enjoy activities and games that are part of their culture as well.

This new facility, known as ShantiNiketan is just one example of dozens of new niche assisted living facilities that are popping up all over the country. As more and more seniors decide to spend their later years in assisted living, these niche facilities are becoming even more popular. In addition to cultural-specific assisted living communities, there has been an increase in LGBT assisted living centers as well. These communities are meant to help gay, lesbian and transgendered seniors feel more comfortable in their surroundings as they enjoy life in assisted living.

Other trends include assisted living facilities specifically for seniors with certain interests or passions such as music, art or golf. At the Long Beach Senior Arts Colony, creative seniors can enjoy a variety of activities, art glasses, put on performances and even display their work in the community’s own gallery. Other communities are catered to those who have an interest in health and wellness as they retire and offer a plethora of healthy eating options, exercise classes and more; all aimed at the health-conscious senior. There are also facilities popping up for retired military and even retired professional athletes. While they may be different on the outside, the goal of all of these communities is to ensure they can adhere to their resident’s individual needs and passions and that all of their resident’s have access to a like-minded community of peers.

While there are many seniors who would feel perfectly comfortable in a more general type of assisted living facility, for some seniors these niche communities are just what they need to feel comfortable and confident in their new senior-friendly home.

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