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10 Fun Fall Outings for Seniors and Their Grandchildren

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Fall is such a fun time of year and it is filled with so many different opportunities for activities. Many families have fun fall traditions that they like to do every year. If you are looking for great fall activities that seniors and their grandchildren can do together, you may be surprised to find how many different activities there are out there.

Finding activities for seniors and their grandchildren to do together is a great way to help foster this very special relationship and to make sure that seniors and their grandchildren are forming lasting memories and special relationships that they will cherish for years to come. If you need a little inspiration to help you find the right fall outings for the seniors and grandchildren in your life, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Go to an apple orchard. Pick apples, stroll the orchards or try delicious apple cider.
  2. Visit a cornfield maze, they are fun for all ages and fun to explore.
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins.
  4. Take family photos in the foliage. It can be such a beautiful time of the year when the leaves change. You can take photos of everyone in the family, including special photos of grandparents and their grandchildren.
  5. Go on an easy hike along a local walking trail. You can pick up pretty leaves and press them, or make your own scavenger hunt looking for leaves, sticks or rocks.
  6. Visit the Zoo. This is a fun time of year to see the animals out and about when the weather is a little cooler.
  7. Take a fall foliage drive to see the leaves once they have changed.
  8. Go on a scenic train ride out in the country.
  9. Tour a local farm. Many of them give tours during this time of year and even have petting zoos for kids to enjoy.
  10. Start looking for your Christmas tree. As soon as Thanksgiving hits, it is tie to start shopping. Plus, cutting down your own tree can be lots of fun!

The best thing you can do when finding new fall outings and activities for seniors is to simply go into the outing with a great activity. Perhaps this is an outing that seniors used to enjoy when they were younger, or something they have never done before. Either way, this is a great time of year for the whole family to get together and make some lasting fall memories they will cherish for years.

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