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5 Easy and Effective Ways to Help Your Senior Loved One Eat Healthier

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If you are looking after your aging senior loved one, then one of your biggest responsibilities will inevitably be to help keep them as healthy as possible. This of course means helping your loved one maintain a healthy diet. As we age, our bodies and digestive systems go through some major changes. Our metabolisms slow and we even tend to eat more emotionally. This can all make it difficult for seniors to maintain a healthy weight and to eat as healthy as they should.

As a senior caregiver you can step in and help your loved one eat healthier so they can get the quality nutrition that they need. Meal planning is a great step, but it is only half the battle. Here are a few other tips that can make it easier to help your loved one eat healthier.

  1. Don?t Tempt Them With Junk Food. If your loved one is living in your home and you are putting them on a healthy diet, then the entire family needs to be on that healthy diet. Don?t tempt your loved one with junk food, make it easy for them to make smart decisions. Keep the house filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy options your loved one can choose from.
  2. Go Grocery Shopping With Your Loved One. Whether they are normally buying their own groceries or they are living with you and you are in charge of grocery shopping, you can make shopping a group activity by going with them. By accompanying your loved one when they grocery shop, you can make sure that they are making smart choices and you can help them understand what it is they are buying and why it is good for them.
  3. Make Sure to Buy Lots of Whole Foods. When helping your loved one eat healthy the key is to keep it simple. Buy lots of nutrient-filled whole foods. This means fresh produce, fish, lean meats, nuts, eggs, legumes and poultry. Whole foods can help your loved one get a lot of those vitamins and nutrients their aging bodies need.
  4. Make Easy Snacks For Your Loved One. When it comes to snacking, it can be really hard to eat healthy. Most people fall off their dieting efforts when they?re hungry and they need a quick snack. Make healthy snacks ahead of time for your loved one that are easy and convenient for them to grab on-the-go. Whether it?s a baggy of dried fruit and nuts or a pre-made protein ball, or even some apples, the easier snacks are, the more your loved one will eat them.
  5. Consider Healthy Meal Delivery. If cooking is difficult with your schedule and you find yourself eating out or getting take out for your and your loved one quite often, consider a healthy meal delivery service. Companies like?Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh make it easy to have meals delivered to your home so you can create healthy options without leaving the house. BistroMD even has a healthy food delivery option specifically for seniors called Silver Cuisine.

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