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5 Great Travel Spots for Seniors This Winter

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There are many seniors who find themselves dealing with harsh, cold weather this time of year. If you are struggling with the winter weather this season, then a nice trip to a warmer weather destination, can be just the thing any senior needs to beat the winter blues and have a little fun this winter. Here are some of the best senior-friendly cities for winter travel.

  1. Charleston- Charming Charleston is a great place for seniors to visit as it is a mid-size city that is walkable and easy to get around. It is also a city that is filled with history and always has plenty going on. Whether you want to stay downtown and enjoy the shops, restaurants and tourist destinations, or head to the beach side for some beautiful waterfront views?there is always something for seniors to do in this Southern city.
  2. Lauderdale- Florida is a great place for any senior to escape to when they want to enjoy a little fun in the sun. Spend your winter in Ft. Lauderdale where you can access the fun of the beach and all of the amenities of a big city. If you are dealing with a cold, depressing winter season?head to Ft. Lauderdale for a warm, sunny getaway.
  3. Phoenix- Phoenix, Arizona is one city that is filled with lots of amenities, shopping, tourist destinations and more. Sports fans can go and enjoy an NBA game, or they can go visit the desert and take in the beauty of the Arizona landscape. Plus, this area of the country is warm year-round, which means no difficult winter weather.
  4. San Diego- California is one of the most popular places in the country for a winter getaway, and while there are lots of California cities to choose from?there are very few cities that can compare to San Diego. Take a walk along the beautiful hiking trails, spend an afternoon downtown or spend an afternoon along the waterfront all in San Diego.
  5. Atlanta- This Georgia city didn?t get the nickname ?Hotlanta? for its cold winters. Atlanta is warm year-round and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, making it a fun place for any senior to spend a long weekend (or their entire winter). Downtown Atlanta has lots of tourist attractions like the Fernbank History Museum, Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke.

Of course, all of these places tend to have milder winters as well, and can be a fun place to go without snow, ice or freezing temperatures. If you are looking for a fun getaway for a weekend, a week or even longer?consider these seven great travel spots for your upcoming destination.

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