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5 Signs It is Time for Memory Care

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Making the decision to place your loved one or parent in a memory care facility can be an extremely difficult one. However, in most cases, moving a senior with Alzheimer?s, dementia or similar memory issues is what is best for them and their quality of life moving forward.

Memory care is a big move and a big change for many seniors and their families, and it is an important decision?so how do you know when it is time to make such a big decision? Here are five of the most common signs that a senior is ready for memory care.

  1. You Are Constantly Worried About Their Safety– As most family members would agree, there is nothing as important as making sure your senior loved one is safe. If you are worried about your loved one living on their own, becoming violent, forgetting basic safety precautions, wandering or anything in between?then it is likely time for memory care. There is nothing as important as keeping your senior loved one safe.
  2. You Are Acting as a Caregiver But Have Serious Burnout– There are many family members who will attempt to act as a caregiver to a family member with dementia before they consider professional care. This is a very big undertaking and it can cause serious burnout. Eventually, if you have caregiver burnout it is best for both you and your loved one if you find another way to provide care for them. Caregiver burnout can seriously impact your quality of life and prevent you from being the compassionate caregiver you want to be.
  3. Your Loved One is Experiencing Unexplained Physical ChangesSometimes dementia is so serious that it can start to change someone physically. If you have noticed frailty, significant weight changes or serious changes in posture, it may be physical side effects of their dementia. Many seniors will forget to eat, develop a hunched posture from being unsure all the time, or start to become frail from a lack of nutrition. These are all physical cries for help.
  4. Your Loved One is Struggling to Keep Up With Their Hygiene- One of the most common indicators that a senior needs additional care (more specifically memory care), is when seniors are unable to keep up with their basic hygienic needs. If you notice your loved one hasn?t been showering lately, or combing their hair, or see that they are wearing unwashed clothes or the same clothing every time you see them?they may not be able to take care of themselves any longer. Luckily, in memory care, they will have someone available to help them with these everyday tasks and responsibilities.
  5. Your Loved One is Hoarding or Making Unnecessary Purchases- This is one sign that many people don?t realize is associated with dementia. If your loved one starts making bizarre purchases, such as buying 50 bars of soap, or you notice hoarding behaviors, it may be a sign that their mental faculties are declining and they need some help.

Pay attention to warning signs such as this, if you are living with a senior adult who may be prone to dementia. They can be big indicators that your loved one is in need of professional help.

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