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5 Steps to Downsizing For Seniors

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Growing old should be an enjoyable experience. Retiring, relaxing, and using your free time to be with family and friends is what your older years should be about, not worrying. When people buy their first house, they have things like raising a family and making a home in mind, not ?is this going to be suitable for me when I?m older.? It?s not something you should worry about when you?re house hunting, but it is an issue that may arise when you start to reach your older years. Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck with a large, spacious house forever, and there are a lot of options for those who might want to downsize. Here are five steps to downsizing for seniors!

1) Talk to friends and family

Before you make the move to downsize, have a conversation with your family and close friends. Not only will they be able to provide you with advice, they?ll also be able to assist with any of the planning and moving. For instance, if you have family nearby, they may be able to help you find a new home within the vicinity. A simple conversation can go a long way.

2) Get rid of the clutter

A larger home likely has the space for various furniture, decorations, and more while a smaller home may not. Take the opportunity to rid yourself of all of the clutter in your home that you no longer use or need. Host an estate sale or donate to your local Goodwill. This may seem sad to do at first, but after you find yourself in a nice and comfortable but spacious home, you?ll be be thankful!

3) Choose what type of housing fits for your situation

When people think ?downsizing,? they initially think of a smaller home or condo. However, if you?re a retired individual, you should consider moving into a senior living community. This type of housing provides a wide range of support suitable for those at any level of independence. Additionally, the everpresent community combats the problem of loneliness that many individuals suffer from. All in all, a senior living community might be a great option, especially for people who don’t have friends and family nearby. If you?re wondering which housing style is right for you, be sure to explore all of the options.

4) Ease yourself into the idea of change

We?re going to be completely honest and say that downsizing from a house you?ve been living in for years into a house into a completely knew space is going to be difficult. Bidding adieu to the home where you?ve made countless memories will come with heartbreak. Ease yourself into the change by noting all of the amazing times and making sure that the pieces that make your home ?home,? like photos and valuable decorations.

5) Hire a Realtor

If the first hardest part of downsizing is moving from the home you?ve spent years in, the second hardest part is the actual sales process itself. Hire a Realtor in the area who will help you show your home, put up listings, and negotiate on your behalf. Again, the point of downsizing is to remove stress from your life. They?ll also help you sell your house despite roadblocks that come alongside having lived in a house for a while.



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