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5 Tips for Seniors Preparing to Sell Their Home

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There are many seniors who will have to make the difficult decision to sell their home?many times after living in the same place for many years. This can be a very difficult and very overwhelming prospect for many seniors, whether the reason they needed to sell their home was because of financial concerns, struggling to handle too much space or healthcare reasons.

No matter what the reason behind the move, seniors in this situation will want to be able to sell their home quickly and for as much money as possible. Here are a few tips for seniors should keep in mind when trying to sell their home:

  • Replace or remove old, worn flooring. This is one way to instantly update the look of a home. Many times, if seniors have been living in the same place for many years, the flooring can completely age the place. Old carpeting can date a home and even give it a certain odor. Scuffed linoleum can also make a home look worn or dated.
  • Paint is a simple, affordable and easy way to instantly update the look of a home. Old paint colors and scuffed walls can distract buyers, while bold, outdated colors can also be off-putting. The good news is, paint is a simple fix.
  • Clutter happens, even among the cleanest of people, especially people who have lived in the same place for a long time. Decluttering is a great way to make a place look bigger, more open and cleaner. AKA, it can make it look more appealing to buyers.
  • Clean out the Closets. Closet space sells homes. So, go through the closets and start cleaning them out. Most seniors likely haven?t cleaned out this space in quite a long time and this can be a great way to bring some value to a home.
  • Start Packing Early. Packing now is a great way for seniors to not only clear out their home and make it look more spacious and less cluttered, but it also helps seniors avoid a potentially stressful situation later on when it is time to start packing. So, taking it slow and starting to pack now is a great way to get ahead of the curve and make it less overwhelming for seniors later on.
  • Add Some Curb Appeal- Everyone who has ever bought a home knows just how important first-impressions are. Your home?s exterior is a great way to make a strong first-impression, so seniors should go in and add some curb appeal. Pruning or trimming down plants, adding bright, colorful flowers and removing debris and clutter are all great ways to bring some curb appeal to any home.

If seniors want to sell their home so they can move to a more appropriate home, a senior-friendly condo or even an assisted living community?these tips can help seniors sell their home more quickly.

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Lori Thomas
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