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6 Home Improvements for Aging Seniors

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Home renovations may seem like a major headache—no matter your age. However, there are several home renovation projects that can be done in any senior’s home to make their property a better, safe place to live. After all, more seniors than ever age 65 and older have plans to stay put in their homes—which is why keeping these homes as safe as possible is of the utmost importance.

With this in mind, here are six home improvement projects for any senior home.

In-Home Monitoring Services- Making a home a “smart” home is a fairly simple upgrade and one that can help keep any senior safe when they stay home alone. In-home monitoring, “smart homes” can keep track of your loved one’s movements, carbon monoxide levels and acts as fire alarms and burglar alarms. Voice-monitored systems can also help seniors who have fallen to easily call 9-1-1.

Widening Doors- If your senior loved one is wheelchair bound, or is starting to transition to a wheelchair—then widening the door frames in the home can be an improvement that really pays off. Wheelchairs can be very difficult to maneuver, especially through door frames, but widening these doors can make all the difference.

Walk-In Bathtubs- Most senior falls happen in the home, more specifically, they happen in the bathroom. And there is no more dangerous bathroom activity than getting in and out of the bathtub. Walk in bathtubs, as the name suggests, allow seniors to walk right into the tub with no extra climbing. While you’re improving the bathroom, why not add some guard rails around the shower and toilet for extra safety?

Remote-Control Blinds- Blinds can be cumbersome and difficult for seniors to operate, especially if that senior has arthritis or mobility issues. Remote-controlled blinds allow for seniors to keep the privacy of blinds without the hassle. All they need to do is press a button!

Replacing the Floors- If your senior loved one is using a walker or wheelchair, then carpeted flooring can be very difficult to maneuver on and around. Upgrading flooring to a nice vinyl plank or wood floor can make it easier for seniors to get around and lessens their chances of getting stuck on surfaces that don’t work with their mobility devices.

Lever-Style Doorknobs- This is an easy but practical project that can really change a senior’s life for the better. Seniors with arthritis may struggle with round doorknobs—but upgrading to lever handles is an easy way to make it simple to get in and out of doors—and it can add some additional style and character to the space too!

Now that you have some ideas in mind, there is no better time to get out there and start making some home renovations on your loved one’s property so they can stay safe and welcome in their own home.

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