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Best Smart Phone Apps for Seniors

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In today?s day and age, more seniors than ever are relying on smart phones each and every day to stay connected with their friends and family. However, smart phones are more than just a way to call and text people, there are actually a number of apps that seniors can use to improve their lives each and every day. Here are a few of the best apps for seniors that can help them each and every day.


This app is available for the iPhone and the iPad and it is the perfect accessory to help seniors and their caregivers with the difficult task of medication management. This program helps users remember which medications they need to take at which times of the day. The program even has a color coordinating system to help users determine which medications can be taken together and which cannot. This is not only a great app for seniors, but for their caregivers as well.


Learning about different medical conditions, symptoms and what those symptoms can mean can be difficult for any adult, including seniors. Have access to a library of symptoms with the official WebMD app. With the programs symptom checker, seniors and their care givers can quickly determine what their potential issues may be and if they need to go see a doctor.


This free app is designed to help people from all over the world stay connected with those that they love the most through video chatting. For seniors who must live far away from their loved ones, this program will help anyone stay connected through live video sessions that are almost as good as the real thing.

Yesterday USA

For seniors who are missing their old favorite radio shows, there is the Yesterday USA app. This Apple program allows users to access some of the most popular old time radio shows and listen to them on-the-go. This free program is perfect for seniors who want to reminisce about their old favorite programs.


Designed for the iPhone, this app helps seniors, and anyone else, with remembering that dreaded forgotten parking space. This program allows users to mark where their car is when they leave and even has a timer function that will alert the user when it is time to feed their parking meter.


There are so many seniors who are battling the early stages of dementia, or trying to ward off dementia all together. One of the best things that these seniors can do is to keep their mind as active as possible. This is where the Lumosity app comes in. This convenient app is filled with mind games and activities that will help enhance an individual?s memory skills and attention. These teasers aren?t just fun, they are backed by science as well as they were all created by expert neuroscientists.

While some seniors may be skeptical about relying on technology each and every day, or nervous they will be unable to use technology to their advantage, these fun and useful apps prove that the right program can only improve your day and your quality of life. Consider these apps for any senior who wants to stay connected with the outside world, all through their smartphone.

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