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Blurred Roles: How to be Both a Caregiver and a Daughter

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When you’re taking care of a family member, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the role as a caregiver.  We all know how stressful caregiving can be and you may end up finding yourself emotionally removed from your traditional role as a family member.

Because there are so many tasks to complete, appointments to attend, and items to cross off checklists, the act of just being a daughter or son and enjoying your parents company can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Below is a personal story about a woman who is a caregiver for her mother, and has learned how to take the time to remember to continue to be a daughter as well.

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Deb Hallisey
Deb Hallisey
Deb Hallisey is a Certified Caregiving Expert™ and the author of Advocate for Mom and Dad. She is a caregiver knowledge expert and advocate for older adults and their families.

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