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Common Fears about Transitioning to a Care Facility

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If you or a loved one is considering transitioning to an independent living community, assisted living community, or other care facility, there are a number of extremely common fears that can accompany this decision. Fortunately, the vast majority of them are unfounded, as these communities are continually improving their services and amenities to make their environments safe, welcoming, and beneficial for seniors. Below we have gathered some of the most common fears associated with moving to a care community, as well as the truth about these concerns, to hopefully put you and/or your family member at ease as you begin the transition to this next stage in life.

My Family Will Never Visit Me

Seniors who had been living with family members, or living very close, often fear that physical distance will translate to an emotional distance, or even that they will be abandoned by their loved ones. However, many seniors who move to care facilities find that not only is this not true, but they actually experience a positive change in their relationships.

Especially for family members who lived together, an assisted or independent living facility can provide essential breathing room for all family members to live their own lives, allowing them to truly enjoy and appreciate the time that they get to spend together.

There Won?t Be Anything to Do

Many seniors worry that in a care facility, they will have nothing to do, and will simply be confined to their rooms all day without any social interaction. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

Modern care facilities are filled with opportunities and activities that are sure to meet the needs of even the most active seniors. From physical activities to arts and entertainment to off-campus outings, most assisted living facilities offer an extremely wide variety of opportunities for seniors to stay active, engaged, and social.

I Won?t Have Any Independence

Far too many people think of care communities as being like a summer camp, where every minute of every day is predetermined and set in stone. The reality, however, is much different.

Most facilities offer their residents an incredible amount of independence. Staff members will be there to help with mundane tasks and to check on residents to make sure they?re doing alright, but outside of this, residents will largely be able to spend their time doing exactly what they want and choose to do.

I Can?t Afford a Care Facility

While the initial, upfront costs that can accompany moving to a care facility can seem overwhelming, the reality is that these communities are affordable for a wide variety of people. If you are really worried about finances, you can shop around among different communities. Often, price will increase and decrease depending on the number and type of services/amenities offered, so you can look for a community that has the amenities you want but skip on some offerings that are non-essential in order to save money.

The reality is that every day, care communities are getting better and better, providing attractive opportunities to seniors in all walks of life. While it?s normal for fears to accompany any major life change, you and/or your loved ones should never let unfounded fears keep you from making an incredibly beneficial decision.

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