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Common Myths About Assisted Living

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There are many seniors today who are able to thrive in assisted living communities. However, there are still many seniors who are understandably nervous about assisted living and what it may mean for their future. This is completely understandable. Transitioning to assisted living can mean a complete lifestyle change for many seniors.

Before you and your senior loved one make a decision regarding assisted living, it is important to be aware of some of the common myths and misconceptions regarding assisted living, so you and your family can make a smart choice about your loved one?s future living situation.

Myth: Assisted Living Means No Privacy

This is not true. Most communities will offer different choices when it comes to their rooms or apartments so they can have as much privacy as they want. Seniors who prefer roommates can often have them, but those who want to live a more secluded lifestyle will typically be able to as well.

Myth: Senior Living Means No Independence

This is a completely false notion. In fact, most seniors are able to be more independent when they go to an assisted living community. This is because many senior living communities have resources and activities designed to help seniors do more than they would be able to living at home.

Myth: Moving to Assisted Living Means Giving Up Hobbies

While some seniors may be worried about giving up their hobbies when they move to assisted living, community living typically lets seniors be more active than they were when they were living alone. When searching for an assisted living community for your loved one, make sure to look for facilities that have extensive activity programs that align with your loved one?s interests.

Myth: Assisted Living Means Less Appetizing Meals

If you find a great assisted living community for your loved one, then chances are they are going to enjoy the food much more than they ever expected. When seniors are no longer able to cook for themselves they often assume they aren?t going to like the food. In fact, this is surprisingly one of the most common reasons seniors say they don?t want to go to an assisted living community. When touring assisted living facilities, ask to try a meal in their dining room, your senior will probably be more impressed than they think.

Keep these myths in mind if your loved one is nervous about transitioning to senior care. As a family member of a senior considering assisted living, the more you can do to dispel these myths and keep your loved one feeling comfortable and confident about this new phase in their lives, the better.

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