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Cool Tips for Seniors As the Weather Heats Up

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Summer sunSpring is officially upon us, which for many means it is time to head outside and start getting more active. One of the best things about this time of year is getting out of the house and into the sunshine. However, it is important that seniors keep a few warm-weather safety tips in mind when they start heading towards the great outdoors.

After months of staying inside and baring through the winter, it is always a good idea to review these precautions, in case a dormant winter made you forget some of the important safety concerns that warm weather can bring.

Check Your Medication Labels
There are some medications that can cause increased sun sensitivity. There are all types of medications that can caused increased sun sensitivity, but most commonly they include antihistamines, NSAIDS, antibiotics, antidepressants, diuretics and heart disease medication. Check the labels on your medication bottle to see if there is a warning about sun exposure as it can result in serious skin irritations, extreme sunburn, rash or even hives.

Heat Strokes
After spending months cooped up inside, it can be easy to forget that warm weather can be very dangerous, even when it feels great. Make sure you are wearing loose fitting clothing and drinking plenty of water when out in the sun, to prevent fainting or heat stroke. If you feel lightheaded or uneasy, make sure you immediately call for help and try to go somewhere cooler.

Sun Burns

While many of us would love to get a little extra color on our skin, it is important not to forget about the seriousness of sun burns. Sun burns can take their toll even if it isn’t particularly hot outside. Make sure to wear sunscreen and don’t forget about delicate areas such as your scalp, lips and face. A lip balm and moisturizer with SPF can keep your face protected while a quality sun hat can make sure your scalp doesn’t get burned. Just make sure you check all hats and facial products to ensure they actually have SPF in them.

Bug Bites
Bug bites and bee stings can both cause serious health issues, even if you aren’t allergic. There are so many diseases that are carried by bugs today so make sure you are wearing bug spray and outfit your outdoor area with citronella and other bug repellants. Proper shoes, or garden boots can also prevent bug bites along the feet and ankles. The more actions you take, the safer you will be from bites and stings.

All seniors need to be aware of the risk of falls. Make sure you are taking your time when spending time outdoors to prevent falls. Uneven pavements, sticks, obstructions, stone pathways, fallen branches and more can all cause falls, even if you are normally quite careful. Make sure you are on the lookout and always wearing proper footwear when outside, there are never too many precautions when it comes to fall-prevention.

Spring time means more time outside and enjoying the best that nature has to offer. If you keep these simple yet effective tips in mind while enjoying the great outdoors, you can really take advantage of the best that this season has to offer.

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