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Downsizing Tips for Seniors Before Moving to a Senior Living Community

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There are many seniors who decide to move from their homes into an assisted living community or retirement home. This can be a great way for many seniors to find the support they need as they age comfortably in a caring, supportive environment. However, the move from a home to an assisted living community can be a bit problematic, especially when it comes to moving all of their belongings.

Downsizing is an important step in transitioning from a home to an assisted living community. Seniors need to make sure that they have all of their most important belongings with them and enough items to make their new room or apartment feel like a home. However, this doesn?t mean that everything can come along when they make their move.
Downsizing isn?t an easy process, it takes time and planning. Here are a few tips for seniors downsizing their home in an easy and effective way.

Give yourself time. If you think a move may be in your future, even if it is still a few months away, it is important to start the downsizing process. It is never too early to start sorting and organizing your belongings and to begin weeding out items you don?t need.

Make a plan. Moving from a home to an assisted living apartment can be a major change. Knowing how much space you will be moving to is important. It can help you make a plan for what furniture you can bring and what you have room for.

Remember, just because it doesn?t fit it doesn?t mean it has to go. There are many seniors who struggle with the transition to assisted living because they think they need to get rid of everything that won?t physically fit in their actual apartment. Just because something won?t fit, it doesn?t mean it has to be gotten rid of. You can give things to family members, save the memories and consider an extra storage unit for what doesn?t fit.

Clean as you go. As you go through your belongings and attempt to downsize, make sure you are cleaning as you do this. It will save the need to do a major deep clean when you move.

Make boxes for things you want to give away. If there are certain valuables or keepsakes you want to give away to loved ones and family members, make boxes for these items early on. Label each box depending on who it is going to so you can casually add items to each box as you go through your belongings.

Downsizing can be a bittersweet moment, but many seniors find that while the transition can take some time, life in assisted living is more than worth the extra steps involved with downsizing. Consider these tips whether you are making the move yourself or if you are helping your senior loved one make this important transition.

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