Easy Home Remedies for Seniors Struggling With Arthritis

For the many seniors today who already struggle with arthritis, the winter months can be even more devastating. The cold weather often causes people with arthritis to experience even more pain than normal, and for the 50 million people who struggle with this joint issue, it can be almost too much to bear.

While there are arthritis medications out there, they aren’t for everyone. They can cause swelling, upset stomach and even bone loss—leaving many seniors wary about taking these medications. Plus, many arthritis medications only have a minimal effect on the senior’s level of pain and discomfort. This is why it is so important to know about some of the easy tips and home remedies that are available for seniors who may be struggling with arthritis.

  1. Exercise and Maintain a Healthy Weight- It may be difficult to want to exercise while you are struggling with arthritis, but it is important, as it can help keep joints limber. It can also help seniors maintain a healthy weight. Every extra pound a senior has on their body, is four pounds of pressure on their knees. That means losing that last five pounds can mean 20 pounds of pressure relief.
  2. Try Green Tea- Green tea is a powerful and popular form of tea and one that is thought to block the chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. Less inflammation means less joint pain.
  3. Apply a Hot to Cold Treatment- Many people with arthritis have found that alternating between hot and cold can really help with their painful joints. Start with ice packs, then alternate to a heating pad. The cold application from the ice pack will lessen swelling, while the heat can help provide pain relief.
  4. Eat the Right Diet- There are a number of foods that are actually known for causing inflammation. Make sure to avoid refined sugars and refined carbs that can cause inflammation. The right diet isn’t just about avoiding the wrong foods, but about eating the right ones. Pineapple, nuts, fish, berries, tomatoes and grapes are all known for helping to reduce inflammation.
  5. Take Vitamin C Daily- Did you know that vitamin C can actually help the body produce collagen, which is extremely important in joint health? It can also help remove destructive free radicals that are harmful to joints. Make sure to take vitamin C frequently throughout the day because your body won’t absorb it.
  6. Take Omega-3 Fatty Acids- You can find these fatty acids in fish, or take some vitamins to help relieve inflammation and sooth your joints.
  7. Go for a Swim- Swimming is one of the best activities for those with arthritis. It helps loosen up the joints and get them moving, but since you are in water, you don’t have to worry about extra pain-causing pressure.

Whether you are suffering from arthritis, or are helping to care for someone that is, remember these easy tips and effective home remedies to help keep arthritis pain at bay.

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