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Finding the Perfect Hobby For Post-Retirement Life

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Millions of Americans dream of the day when they can finally step back from their job and enjoy all that retirement has to offer. In addition to taking time off of work, retirement should be about enjoying the time you have away from your desk. This is why so many seniors spend their time enjoying old hobbies and picking up new hobbies that they can focus on during this time in their lives.

However, as a senior, it can be difficult to learn something new, and to develop a new interest. The key is to remember the sky is the limit. You should never limit yourself when it comes to finding a hobby. And it doesn?t need to be something that you have done before either. Nor does it need to be a standard ?senior hobby.? If you aren?t into playing cards, collecting novelties or knitting, these don?t have to be the hobbies you choose. Instead, choose something you consider to be fun! Or, channel your inner child and pick up a hobby you have wanted to try for years.

Take 91-year-old Chuck Hocking for example. At the age of 91, Chuck spends a majority of his time building and flying radio-controlled model airplanes. Chuck has been interested in model planes since he was a child. And while a majority of his adult life was spent as an AV coordinator and industrial arts teacher, he still continued to have a real interest and passion for collecting these model airplanes. After he retired, his interest in mechanics and these compact planes led him to a new-found interest in sitting in the park near his home and watching people fly these small radio-controlled planes overhead.

After spending many leisurely afternoons watching, his passion for flying was reignited and he eventually joined the Lakeland RC Club. That was nearly 25 years ago. Chuck not only became an active member of this club, but even served as president for two years. Now, as Chuck enjoys this new phase in his life, enjoying the perks of assisted living, he still goes out and flies his radio-controlled planes.

Chuck is just one of many seniors who has taken an interest and turned it into a real, lasting hobby that has brought him a great deal of joy over the years. In addition to having something to peak his interest each and every day, Chuck?s passion also led him to find a great group of friends in his RC Club that shared similar interests. When hobbies can turn into social opportunities, it can make spending your retirement doing what you love, even more enjoyable.

So, whether your hobbies are puzzles, golf, working with animals, or flying remote control airplanes, don?t be afraid to get out there and give something new a try. It can be a great way to enrich your life during retirement and help make your golden years feel happier and more fulfilled than you ever may have thought was possible.

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