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Fun Senior Activities for the Dog Days of Summer

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With summer in full swing, many seniors understandably start to get frustrated by the constant heat. However, even as we enter into the dog days of summer, there are still plenty of things for seniors to do to make the most out of this time of year. Here are some tips for inspiration.

Outdoor Activities

Just because it is hot out, it doesn?t mean that seniors need to stay indoors the entire summer. When venturing outside, seniors should make sure that they wear protective clothing like sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats and wear sunblock. They should also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

It is best for seniors to do outdoor activities early in the morning before it gets to hot or right before the sun goes down. Here are some options to consider:

  • Drive to a walking trail for a leisurely walk.
  • Go fishing at a local pond.
  • Bird watch in your neighborhood.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Find a drive-in movie theater.
  • Hit the links and play some golf.
  • Plant in your own garden or start a new garden.
  • Go to a grandchild?s outdoor game or concert.
  • Hit the local pool or park.
  • Try a water aerobics class.

The key with outdoor summer activities is to always make sure you aren?t overdoing it and aren?t getting dangerously hot.

Indoor Activities

In the middle of the day, or on days when it is just too hot to be outdoors, it is always smart to stay in the cool air conditioning. Even if you don?t plan on going outside, it is still important to hydrate all summer long for safety. Here are some great indoor activities for seniors to do this summer:

  • Plan a stay-cation and stay in a local hotel or Bed and Breakfast.
  • Be a tourist in your own town and visit local museums and destinations.
  • Volunteer with a local organization.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Have friends over for an afternoon of cards and games.
  • Try a new recipe and make it for someone special.
  • Invite friends and family over to bake cookies.
  • Take a trip down memory lane and look through old photos and films.
  • Catch a movie at the local movie theater.
  • Take a class at the local gym or senior center.
  • Take a pottery or art class nearby.

Indoor activities are a smart way to beat the heat in the summer. Remember, it is important to stay active during the summer, so even when seniors are spending their time indoors staying safe from the heat?they should still be doing activity or exercise every day to stay healthy.

This season can be hot and uncomfortable?but it can be fun too, with these senior-friendly activities to help you get through the dog days of summer.

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