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Fun Valentine?s Day Activities for Seniors

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Valentine?s Day is right around the corner, and while many people may already be focused on their romantic date nights, chocolates and thoughtful cards?not everyone is ready to get in the romantic mood when February 14th rolls around the corner. If you have a special senior in your life, then there are a few things that you can do in order to help your loved one feel included in this holiday. After all, Valentine?s Day isn?t just for young couples?it is a holiday for everyone to celebrate!

In the real spirit of Valentine?s Day, there is nothing better than showing love and affection to your senior loved ones and other family and friends, so you can honor everyone in your life, not just those who you are romantically tied to. If you are looking for some fun activities to do with your senior loved one this Valentine?s Day, take a look at a few fun suggestions below. They may just inspire you to try something new when this holiday rolls around.

Make Valentine?s Day an Opportunity to Get Everyone Together

There are so many great holidays that encourage friends and family to get together. However, it doesn?t have to be Easter, Thanksgiving or Fourth of July. Valentine?s Day can be a great time to organize getting everyone together. You can have a potluck, dinner or even a brunch. Host this get together on the weekend of Valentine?s Day and invite the whole family?especially your senior loved one.

You can decorate with fun red and pink Valentine?s Day themed decor and just enjoy spending quality time together?it may just be a new favorite addition that you love keeping.

Do Valentine?s Day Activities With the Grandkids

Valentine?s Day can be fun for little kids and there are so many different activities involved with this holiday. If your little kids are making Valentine?s Day cards or decorating boxes for their classroom party, or even making heart shaped cookies?it can be a really fun thing for little ones to do. And grandparents can join in on the fun!

This is a great way to get the whole family involved and to make sure both grandparents and kids are having fun getting in the spirit of the holiday.

Watch a Classic Romantic Movie

Want to take a trip down memory lane and get in the Valentine?s Day spirit at the same time? Why not watch a classic romantic movie together. This is a fun way to relax with and have a fun movie night together.

Settle in, and pop in an old classic and enjoying spending quality time together. Whether you prefer Casablanca or Singin? in the Rain or a newer film like Love Actually or the Notebook, this is a fun time to put in a classic romantic film for everyone to enjoy.

Give Back

Valentine?s Day is all about sharing the love?so why not spread the love to others in your community? There are so many ways to volunteer and give back and to literally spread the love. You can donate clothes (or even make clothes and blankets) to local homeless shelters, go spend time at an animal shelter, volunteer at a soup kitchen or find other ways to spend your time giving back to those in need. Meals on Wheels is another great organization that seniors can help with. Just find something that your senior loved one is physically able to do and an organization that they care about supporting.

Send Thoughtful Valentine?s Gifts

Sending thoughtful gifts to your senior love one is a great way to get them in the Valentine?s Day spirit. The gift doesn?t have to be extravagant or overly romantic, but it can be a great way to show your senior loved one that you care about them and have been thinking about them.

Here are some great ideas to consider:

  • Flowers or a plant for their home or assisted living room
  • Sweets like candies, chocolates or cookies
  • Stuffed animals or something cute and cuddly to snuggle with (this is a great gift for seniors with Alzheimer?s who want something more comforting)
  • A thoughtful card and note?you can also include old pictures in this thoughtful note
  • Valentine?s Day themed balloons make a great surprise

Something small can really make a big difference in your senior loved one?s Valentine?s Day.

Decorate Your Senior Loved One?s Space

If your senior loved one loves getting in the spirit for holidays?why not decorate your loved one?s space in Valentine?s Day themed? Heart shaped decor, candles, floral, paper chain garlands or anything red and pink can make great Valentine?s Day decorations. Little things like this can go a long way in helping to brighten your loved one?s day.

Not in to decorations? Why not just bring them over a sweet treat like a cookie or a cupcake to help brighten your loved one?s day? You would be surprised by how much of a difference a frosted heart-shaped cookie or a pink and red cupcake will make in a senior?s day.

Take Your Loved One Out to Dinner

Valentine?s Day dinner doesn?t have to be a big romantic outing?it can just be a great opportunity to spend time together. Take your loved one out to dinner somewhere new or special. It can be a great opportunity for the two of you to spend quality time together and enjoy a fun night out. Just think of Valentine?s Day as an opportunity to push yourself to do something with someone you care about. It can be a fun night that both of you will cherish and remember.

When Valentine?s Day finally gets here, keep these activities and tips in mind?they can help you create fun and lasting memories for you and your senior loved one to share.

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