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Great Activities That Senior Centers Can Offer

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Now that a new year is in full swing, there is no better time for seniors of all ages to start trying new things and expanding their horizons. For some seniors this may mean trying a new hobby or making a new resolution to be healthier, but for many seniors, this means joining a new senior center. Senior centers are a great place for adults age 60 and older can meet friends their age, try new activities, and stay healthy and active during the day. It is also a great way for seniors who may need a little help from caregivers during the day to get the care and attention that they need.

While many seniors know that senior centers exist, very few seniors know just how many features and amenities that can come with these senior centers. In fact, here are a few of the many great amenities that seniors can enjoy when they join a senior center. This includes classes such as:

  • Arts and crafts classes
  • Safety and education programs
  • AARP driving courses
  • Painting, pottery and knitting classes
  • Foreign language courses
  • Health education programs including CPR and more

Of course, many seniors will also join local senior centers as a way to get healthy and stay healthy, as many of these senior centers have gyms, pools, yoga classes, senior-friendly workout courses and more. This is a great way for seniors to get the exercise that they need in a safe and comforting environment. Some senior centers will also offer free hot meals to seniors who come during the day.

Many of these senior centers also have outings and they offer transportation services for adults who need them. These transportation services are great for seniors who are home-bound or who struggle to go drive on their own?and these services can help seniors get to the grocery store or help them get to the senior center at the start of the day.

There are both city-sponsored and private senior centers located all across the country. While private senior centers often offer more amenities like gyms and pools, they typically do cost a membership fee. The good news is that most cities have several private and city-sponsored centers?meaning adults will have a number of options to choose from.

Of course, every senior center is different and every senior center is going to offer their members with different features and amenities. Before joining any senior center, seniors should make sure that they do their research and find one that has the amenities that mean the most to them. Seniors should go with a family member or loved one when touring or considering area senior centers in order to find one that works for them?it can mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter for any senior.

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