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Hosting Easter Brunch? Here Are Some Tips to Keep Seniors Involved

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With Easter fast approaching, many families are already starting to prepare for their Easter brunches and gatherings. This can be a great opportunity to get family and loved ones together for some quality time and some fun activities as well. If you are planning on hosting Easter brunch this year and have a senior loved one who needs a little extra care when they are outside the home, it is important to make sure that you are keeping your loved one included in all of the festivities. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Get Them in the Kitchen- Even if your loved one is no longer able to handle all of the cooking responsibilities, it doesn?t mean they can?t be in the kitchen helping with food prep. Sometimes having seniors help with something as simple as mixing up salads or setting the table can help them feel involved.
  2. Make Sure Someone is Always With Your Loved One- It can be easy for seniors to get overwhelmed when they are at big family gatherings. Make sure that someone is always with your loved one, not only so they have someone to talk to, but someone to help them with their plate and even help them use the restroom. This will make the entire process simpler and easier for all involved.
  3. Include Them in Activities- If you are planning an Easter Egg hunt for all of the little ones, make sure that your loved one is included. Instead of having your loved one inside while the hunt happens outdoors, make sure to hide eggs in a place where your loved one can sit comfortably and watch. They can also help in the hiding process by coming up with their own sneaky places to hide eggs. Dying eggs or stuffing plastic eggs with goodies is another great activity for seniors, especially those with grandchildren.
  4. Get Them Involved in the Easter Baskets- If there is one thing that many seniors love doing, it is spoiling their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As you start to prepare Easter baskets for this year?s event, get your loved one involved. Whether they have fun suggestions or you want to go on an outing together to the store, this is not only a great bonding experience with you and your loved one but a fun way to get them involved in the fun of Easter.

If your senior loved one has dementia, struggles with mobility or simply gets overwhelmed with large group gathering such as this, something as simple as an Easter brunch can be overwhelming. However, with these simple and straightforward tips, you can make sure that your loved one feels included in all of your festivities no matter how you choose to celebrate Easter.

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