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How Seniors Can Enjoy Amusement Parks With the Whole Family

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During this time of year, there are many seniors who will attempt to travel with their family to enjoy some of the world?s best amusement parks. Whether you are taking a big trip to Disneyworld or Disneyland, taking in thrills at Six Flags, or just planning a day at your local amusement park, there are certain steps you should take as a caregiver or loved one to make sure that your senior loved one is making the most out of their tip to any amusement park.

Check Out Your Theme Park?s Amenities

Many large amusement parks, such as Disneyland and Disneyworld are known for accommodating guests of all ages and types. This means they often have wheelchair accessibility, break areas and even specialty companion restrooms. These are all things that can make going to a theme park with a senior much easier. Before you travel to any of these destinations, look into what amenities that specific park offers for seniors so you know what will be available to you when you get there.

Make a Plan

Planning ahead can go a really long way when it comes to taking any senior loved one to an amusement park. Most amusement parks, no matter how big or how small can be very crowded. Considering FASTPASSES or other passes that you can pay for to help you skip the line on rides can be great for seniors who don?t want to stand outside in cramped, crowded or hot lines waiting for their rides.

You should also look at what types of rides there are and what each ride entails. It can be hard to determine this when you get to the actual park, so doing research ahead of time can only help. Make sure to look for rides that aren?t jerky and jolty as they may hurt the neck of your senior loved one. For example rides like The Haunted Mansion at Disney are great for seniors who are worried about rides jerking their head and neck around.

Look into Discounts

There are often senior discounts for visiting most theme parks, available for individuals over the age of 65. These discounts can really add up, especially if you are planning on visiting the park for multiple days. There may also be special discounts available for handicap parking and senior shuttles, if necessary.

Plan for Plenty of Snacks and Breaks

Taking a senior to an amusement park can be a lot of fun for the whole family. However, it can also be quite taxing on any senior. With this in mind, make sure that you have a plan to stop frequently so your senior loved one can rest, sit, have a snack and of course, drink plenty of water. It is important for seniors to drink plenty of water while at any theme park, even if it isn?t hot, so they can avoid dehydration. Theme parks require a lot of time outdoors and a lot of walking, putting many seniors at risk for dehydration.

Take these steps for your loved one and you can make the most of any upcoming trip to your favorite theme park.

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