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How Seniors Should Choose a Home Alert System

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A home alert system can be a major asset for seniors who are living at home alone and choosing to age in place independently. Even seniors who are living independently may need additional help from time-to-time. This is where this technology can come in and help.

Medical alert systems allow seniors to live at home with ease?knowing they can easily get the help they need if they fall or experience a health-related emergency while home alone. With these systems, seniors can wear a call button on their body which puts them in touch with a dispatcher that can summon emergency help.

There are so many seniors who can benefit from systems like this. But if you are a senior who is looking for an alert system, how do you know which one to choose? Here are a few tips on how to find the best home alert systems.

Determine Whether You Prefer Home-Based or Mobile Systems ?

The original medical alert systems were designed to work inside your home with your landline and there are still many of these systems available today. However, there are many companies that still offer the option of home-based systems that work over cell networks. This allows you to put on a wearable call button to speak directly with a dispatcher.

There are also mobile options available that not only work when you are inside your home, but those that will work with your cell phone as well for when you are out in public. These systems also work with GPS technology and are great for seniors who may be prone to wandering.

Both systems have their benefits, depending on each person?s individual need.

Monitored Systems

Most experts would recommend using what is known as a monitored system. This type of system will connect a senior with someone at a 24/7 dispatching center. There are also non-monitored options as well. These allow seniors to press a call button so that the system simply calls different people on their contact list.

This allows seniors to set up their buttons to call friends, family or neighbors. When members of the call list don?t answer?then the systems will typically call 9-1-1 on behalf of the senior.

Fall-Detection Features

This is another great feature that every senior should consider when they are looking for a monitoring system. These systems are relatively new and while the technology isn?t fully refined?they can greatly help seniors who are prone to falls in the home. These devices can sense falls when they occur and will automatically contact a dispatcher once the fall happens?same as it would when the senior pressed the button.

This is a great extra layer of protection for seniors who are more prone to falling.

The right home alert system can be a major asset to any senior who is living at home alone. Keep these tips in mind in order to make sure that you are finding the right system for you.

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