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How to Make a Senior?s Assisted Living Apartment Their Own

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For most seniors, moving to an assisted living community or apartment can be an exciting change in their lives. It can also be a difficult one. Even seniors who know that assisted living is their best option may feel overwhelmed by the idea of leaving their home for an entirely new space and an entirely way of life. This is why it is so important that seniors feel as though their assisted living space is one that they can truly call home.

While most assisted living apartments look relatively similar on the surface, it is important that seniors and their family members work together to make this apartment feel like the senior?s own unique space. It may seem like a relatively simple thought, but it is one that can go a long way in helping any senior feel more at ease with their new surroundings and more comfortable with this new chapter in their lives. The first few weeks that a senior lives in a new home are crucial to them feeling more comfortable in their space. Having their apartment decorated and ready for their arrival when they first move in can help ensure this initial adjustment period goes well.

There are a few ways that you can do this. Here are just a few easy steps to help make sure any senior?s new assisted living space feels entirely like their own. This includes:

  • Adding familiar accents to the home. For example, if the senior always has candies by the door for guests, make sure candies are still by the door.
  • Bringing at least one piece of furniture to their new space.
  • Letting the senior choose the layout of their space and where furniture goes.
  • Encouraging the senior to make decoration choices for the walls and tables.
  • Bringing familiar bedding to the new space.
  • Filling their closet with plenty of their own clothing, shoes and accessories before they move in.
  • Using a familiar fragrance in the apartment.
  • Ensuring they have the same soap in their new apartment.
  • Adding a wreath on the door or a welcome mat outside their apartment.
  • Filling the space with plenty of pictures to help the senior feel more at ease.
  • Keeping a desk, table or working space in the apartment to make it feel like there are still separate living areas in their apartment.
  • Adding drapes, curtains or blinds to add privacy and help the apartment feel more finished.
  • Bringing in plenty of plants to warm up the area.

Little things like this can go a long way in helping any assisted living apartment feel more like a home. More importantly, these little changes can help any senior feel as though their apartment is really theirs. Consider these little decorating tips whenever a senior loved one is about to move into a new space. They can make all of the difference in how this initial transition goes and in how comfortable the senior is with their new home surroundings.

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