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How to Raise Awareness For Alzheimer?s This November

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November is Alzheimer?s Awareness month, meaning there is no better time to start educating the world about this difficult condition and the millions of individuals who suffer from Alzheimer?s. This disease is one of the fastest growing conditions in the United States, with more and more seniors being diagnosed with Alzheimer?s disease every year. However, even though it is expected that there will be more than 15 million cases of Alzheimer?s disease in the United States by the year 2050, there are many people who don?t really understand this condition and how severe its impact can be.

November is a great time to raise awareness about Alzheimer?s disease, and here are a few great ways you can individually take action and start raising awareness in your community.

Participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer?s

There is an annual event, held in hundreds of communities across the country known as the Walk to End Alzheimer?s. This walk usually takes place in the fall and is organized by the Alzheimer?s Association. You can log online to find out when different walks are going to take place and when you can expect the walk in your area to be held. This is a great way for Alzheimer?s supporters of all types to meet others who advocate for this disease while enjoying some fresh air and a 5K walk/run that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Wear Purple

Purple is the official color for Alzheimer?s awareness, just as pink is the official color of breast cancer awareness. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to start raising awareness about Alzheimer?s disease then all you need to do is to wear purple. Whether you are wearing purple out in public, to a walk or run, out at a festival or any other event out in the community, you can wear purple or an Alzheimer?s shirt to raise awareness for this disease.

Make a Donation

There are a number of organizations that are working to bring awareness about Alzheimer?s disease and to help the millions of individuals who are impacted by this condition. There of course is the Alzheimer?s Association, which has chapters across the country, as well as local organizations and memory care units that run on donations. Even the smallest contribution can help.

Take it to the Workplace

Sometimes the best way to make an impact is to start small. Don?t worry so much about national recognition and take your efforts to your own workplace. By informing your co-workers about Alzheimer?s disease, you can actually start making a difference in your community. Bring treats in honor of Alzheimer?s Awareness month or host a ?casual Friday? event where employees can pay a small fee and wear casual clothing for the day. Then take that money and make a donation to a local Alzheimer?s Association chapter.

Use this month as that extra piece of motivation that you need in order to stand up and really start making a difference in your community. While you can bring awareness to this issue during the official Alzheimer?s Awareness month, it is always a great idea to start spreading the word about Alzheimer?s no matter what time of year it may be.

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