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Immune-Boosting Tips for Seniors During Cold and Flu Season

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Fall is here! Unfortunately, so is the cold and flu season. For seniors, this time of year can be particularly dangerous as seniors are more vulnerable to catching illnesses like the flu. This is why it is so important for seniors to do what they can in order to boost their immune system during this time of year. A strong immune system is your best line of defense against all of the nasty bugs that tend to get passed around during this time of year.

While there is no magic pill that will 100% guarantee your immune system will be able to fight off a cold or flu-like symptom, these easy and natural tips can help your immune system run better than ever.

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. Nothing is better for the immune system than sleep. You need to be getting at least eight hours of sleep per night, no exceptions. It can do wonders for your entire body and for your immune system.
  • De-stress. Did you know that when you release too much of the stress hormone, it is the responsibility of your immune system to get in and fight off this hormone? This means your immune system will be focused on helping de-stress you instead of fighting off colds and cases of flu. The less stressed you are, the better equipped your immune system will be.
  • Eat healthy, natural foods. The more healthy foods you eat and the less processed foods you eat, the better it is for your body. You need to make sure that you are only putting real foods, filled with vitamins and nutrients into your body. These vitamins and nutrients will help keep your immune system up and running and ready to take on any cold that comes your way.
  • Drink lots of water. Your body needs water to survive, but the average person only drinks a small percentage of the water that they need. Plus, seniors need even more water than younger adults. Every senior should be drinking between 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water makes the body, and the immune system, run like it is supposed to.
  • Take vitamin C. There is nothing better for the immune system than vitamin C. This vitamin can completely boost and transform the immune system. You should be taking it all of the time during this time of year, but even more when you are feeling sick. Remember, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, so you need to take it throughout the day, every day.

These immune system-boosting tips are great for anyone, no matter what their age may be, but are particularly important for seniors. Try implementing these tips into your routine during this time of year, or help your senior loved one make these healthier immune-system boosting changes to their routine. Either way, these tips can make all of the difference during cold and flu season and help anyone stay healthier during this time of year.

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