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Popular States for Retirement Every Senior Should Look Into

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Retirement is such a big goal for so many seniors, and while it can be difficult for many seniors to save enough for retirement?once they are ready to retire, nothing is better then getting to enjoy some much-deserved relaxation. When seniors retire, they can finally start spending time doing the things they want to do, and live where they want to live.

So, where should seniors look to live?

Well, for the adventurous senior who is interested in trying out a new state during retirement, there are many great options. While there are many obvious choices, and many seniors will choose to live near family when they retire, here are a few other popular states that retiring seniors should look into.

Idaho- It may not have warm weather year round, but this state has a low cost of living, good healthcare access and low crime rates! Plus there is no state income tax on Social Security, making it a smart choice for the penny-conscious retiree.

South Carolina- Looking for a warm state that has an affordable cost of living, safety and access to some of the country?s most beautiful beaches? Look no further than South Carolina. Here you can access small towns, big cities like Charleston and beach front communities all while soaking up a healthy dose of southern charm.

New Hampshire- Another great option for retirees that are worried about all of the nickels and dimes of retirement. After all, New Hampshire is one of the few states in the U.S. that doesn?t have an income tax on most forms of income. This not only means Social Security, but IRA and 401(k) distributions as well.

California- Seniors who are looking for an adventure will love living in California. Whether they want beaches, mountains, or both, there is something for every taste in California. Plus, the year-round sunshine doesn?t hurt either. While it might not be the most affordable state on the list, it is a safe and sunny place to spend retirement.

South Dakota- Looking for an affordable place to retire? South Dakota is the place to go. Plus, it stays warm and it doesn?t have an income tax. Seniors can avoid harsh winters and enjoy an affordable cost of living. This has South Dakota on the top of the list of many rankings for financial magazines and corporations.

Florida- It should come as no surprise that Florida is on our list of the best states to retire in. Most seniors would agree that there is no better place than the Sunshine State. This state has a very high senior population, meaning retirees will be around many of their peers. Plus, it doesn?t have state income tax?which is an added financial perk.

If you are planning for your retirement and looking to take an exciting next step that involves a big move?consider these states. They are some of the best for active seniors like you who want to make the most of their retirement years.

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