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Senior Care Plan 101: How to Make a Care Plan

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As we grow older, there are so many different things that we need to plan for and account for in order to help us through the aging process. One of the many things that every senior needs to do as they grow older is create a care plan.

If you aren?t already familiar with care plans and what they are?a care plan is a tool designed to help professional caregivers and long-term care providers to help make sure seniors needs are met. This is not only a tool used in facilities like nursing homes?but it is just as valuable of a tool for family caregivers as well?as it can help seniors and their families stay organized and stay on-task. The plan can also allow many family members to participate in care as seamlessly as possible?and to make sure that primary caregivers are getting a break.

How to Make a Care Plan

Care plans look different for every senior and can entail different steps, templates, outlines and appointments. The best way to make the right care plan is to get several individuals involved and to make sure that you are covering these three major topics: health, finances and daily care.

Typically, seniors and their families can easily sit down together to make a care plan that works for everyone, but it is also important to consider adding a few professionals to the mix as well.

Professionals to Include in Any Senior Care Plan

Family members who are involved in the day-to-day planning are an important part of any senior care plan. However, there are a few other professional services and advisers that may be involved in the planning.

  • Home care professionals. These are professionals who can come in and help seniors with daily tasks and activities.
  • Adult day care services. This is a valuable service for seniors who want somewhere to go during the day.
  • Geriatric care managers. These legal professionals specialize in helping families manage long-term care, advanced care and can even help with estate planning.
  • Financial planners. The right financial planner will help make sure that seniors can afford the care that they need during this time in their lives.
  • The right care team can include primary care physicians, geriatricians, psychologists, neurologists, or any other medical professional the senior may see.

Bring these experts together as part of the care plan to make sure that everyone is on the same page for what is best with your senior loved one.

Putting it All Together

Simply put, a care plan is an outline for seniors to follow to make sure they are getting the best care and attention possible. It can help with everything from daily medication management to goal setting, to doctor?s appointments. The most important thing to remember about using a care plan?is that it is going to change.

Just like seniors themselves, care plans can and will change quite often and should be designed to grow and adapt as time goes on. If you are able to keep with a care plan like this and continue to grow and change with that plan, you and your family will be poised to provide the best care possible for your senior loved one.

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