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Senior Hair Care Tips Every Caregiver Should Know

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Senior Woman at the Hair Salon

When it comes to providing quality care for any senior loved one, as a caregiver you not only need to know how to look after their health and safety, but how to keep your senior looking and feeling their best. Seniors who have more confidence with their physical appearance tend to be happier and less stressed. They are more likely to go out in public and socialize as well.

For many women, and men, hair has a great deal to do with their overall appearance. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it can make all of the difference in the world to many aging seniors. This is why both seniors and their caregivers should be aware of some of these important hair care tips that can help any senior properly take care of their aging hair. Keep these tips in mind and your seniors loved one can be looking and feeling their best every day.

  • Start with the right shampoo. The right shampoo can play a major role in the way any person?s hair looks and feel. Most people know, seniors begin to lose color in their hair as they age, which is why the hair turns grey. However, the hair can also get a yellow tint. Deep-cleaning shampoos such as those made with blue or violet color can minimize this yellowness.
  • Help seniors maintain a healthy diet. Dull, dingy, yellowing, brittle and lifeless hair can sometimes be a result of a poor diet. The healthier the diet, the better the hair will start to look. Some great foods for healthy hair include: spinach, salmon, eggs, nuts, omega-3 fatty acids and citrus fruits.
  • Taking hair vitamins. Hair-specific vitamins, or vitamins that are high in vitamin B and Biotin can prevent hair loss and help hair look fuller, thicker, shinier and healthier. It can be a great solution to frail, brittle or thinning hair in seniors.
  • Use the right products. Volumizing and thickening products can help give thinning hair an extra boost and help it look fuller. Meanwhile heavier mousses and gels can weigh the hair done, make the scalp more visible and actually make the hair look thinner.
  • Avoid heat when possible. When hair continues to age, it becomes thinner and more susceptible to damage. With this in mind, it is important to try to avoid over-washing, heat products, curling, straightening and blow-drying unless necessary.

The more you can do to boost your loved one?s self esteem and help them stay feeling like themselves, the better they will feel no more what comes their way. If you are responsible for caring for your loved one?s hair, make sure to keep these tips in mind and to try to style their hair in a way that is familiar to them so they look like themselves. It is also important to take great care when styling a senior?s hair. Keep water temperatures mild and consider a tear-free shampoo so you don?t accidentally irritate your loved one while helping them maintain a hairstyle that they will love.

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