2016 Volunteer Scholarship Winner Announced

The first annual 2016 Volunteer Scholarship winner has been chosen. Anna Ratzlaff, who is attending Western Washington University, will receive a $1,000 for her volunteering experience.

Anna volunteered her time by visited Oma, a resident of North Cascades Health and Rehabilitation Center in Bellingham, WA, who has Alzheimer’s.  Anna kept Oma company, talked to her about the details of her day and the beauty of our world, and spent time with her outside.

Anna will be majoring in the genetics field so that she can study genetic markers such as ALS and dementia to hopefully help those in the future.  Volunteering her time made Anna appreciate everything she has and helped solidify her path in studying genetics.

Through volunteering, Anna learned that you should enjoy life and make memories while you can because you may not remember them one day.

See Anna’s full scholarship submission video below.

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