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The? Volunteer?Scholarship winner for Fall 2017 has been chosen. Loren Thomson,?who is attending Texas State University, will receive a $1,000 for his volunteer experience.

Loren?has been a volunteer at a home for senior citizens. ?He would sit and keep the residents company and play games with them. ?He has learned that helping people who may be different from you with no materialistic reward gives you a positive feeling. ?He learned from one of the residents that you should not get too wrapped up in the present and to not worry about the small things in life.

Loren is studying business marketing and wants to own his own business one day. ?He believes that owning his own business and being an entrepreneur will allow him to focus on helping people in need. ?With his scholarship, he will be able to work less so that he can volunteer more (and concentrate more on his homework.)

See Loren?s full scholarship submission video below.

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