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How Smart Technology Is Helping Keep Today?s Seniors Safe

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There are so many seniors today who are living on their own. While many older adults enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with that decision, there are also a number of risks that can come with living alone. In fact, most people who fall and have to go to the emergency room have these accidents at home. If a senior is living alone?it can be a long time until someone can find, and help, them.

Many families worry about their senior loved one living alone. However, the good news is, there are new types of smart technology that can help make sure that seniors aren?t hurting themselves while they live alone. The key behind the success of these smart devices is that they provide seniors with the opportunity to get rapid assistance, if necessary.

Emergency buttons are one of the most common and utilized types of this technology. These can be worn around the wrist as a bracelet, or around the neck as a necklace. These emergency devices are designed to be on the senior at all times. All the senior needs to do is to press a button and the device will immediately contact a rescue service and allow the senior to talk over a speakerphone in order to provide more information. The device can be localized so emergency services can find the senior right away even if they don?t know their exact location.

Smart sensor technology is one of the fastest-growing new types of smart technology. This is one of the latest developments in smart senior technology and it is one that is changing the way that seniors are able to live at home. While emergency buttons provide a valuable service, if the senior falls and is unconscious, they won?t be able to press a button or talk to the emergency team. Smart sensors can detect if a senior has fallen or changed positions rapidly. Seniors will have the opportunity to prevent false alarms, otherwise a rescue service will be informed and sent to the senior?s home. These sensors can either be worn directly on the body like an emergency button, or a sensor can be placed inside the home that detects movement.

Smart floors and carpets are also a new form of technology that is currently on the horizon and becoming more and more common for seniors. These smart floors and carpets actually use a contact-based sensor system to determine when someone has fallen. There are several companies that are working on developing and implementing this technology into carpets, flooring and rugs. While it is a rather complicated system and can be rather expensive, it truly does provide complete coverage for the entire home, should a senior fall while they are alone.

There are also smart assistants which already help younger generations with everything from finding music to ordering take out. However, for seniors, these smart assistants can now have fall recognition systems in them and be programmed to help seniors get emergency care should they need it. It can even be as simple as seniors saying ?Alexa, Call 9-1-1.?

Falls are a serious concern for any senior who is living alone in their own home. The good news is with new pieces of smart technology seniors (and their families) can now feel safer than ever.

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