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Social Media for Seniors: Staying Connected with Family

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Homebound seniors often experience isolation and loneliness. These feelings can lead to depression and decreased energy levels. However, thanks to technology, today?s seniors can connect with friends and family members at the click of a button. Social media is a great tool for older adults and homebound seniors to stay up to date. Here?s how the most popular social media platforms are connecting seniors with their loved ones.


Facebook is the largest social media platform, and the number of seniors on Facebook is growing! Facebook is designed to connect friends and family members together, making it the perfect choice for seniors. Seniors can follow their family members, read status updates, see new photos and make comments and hold conversations within the platform. Whether on a computer or through the app, Facebook brings family and friends that much closer to home.

In addition, seniors can join different groups on Facebook to find people with similar interests or needs. The Facebook Messenger features also allows for calls and video chats. This social interaction can be just what seniors need to brighten up their day.


Pinterest is like a digital scrapbook. Seniors can get crafting ideas, recipes, quotes, and more! Pinterest allows seniors to find things that are meaningful to them and save them in an organized digital platform. Pinterest also allows seniors to comment and start conversations. They can follow their friends and family members to see what their interests are.

And if your family is up for it, you can create a shared board and collaborate. Maybe your family creates a board for Christmas activities to do this year or recipes you want to try out at Thanksgiving.


Instagram is all about the visuals. This picture and video platform allows seniors to see pictures of their loved ones and follow hashtags that interest them. Want knitting tips? No problem! Seniors can post their own photos as well so that the family can see what they are doing. In addition to posting in an Instagram feed, seniors can record Instagram videos. These videos are perfect for showing off a new craft, telling a story, or sharing your pet?s new tricks.

Seniors can comment on photos and videos that they like to spark conversation and keep tabs on what their loved ones are doing.


Twitter is all about short updates. With a small character limit, tweets are very succinct and to the point. It can be easy to stay up to date by following your loved ones on this platform because updates are so short. Twitter is a great place for starting conversations. Seniors can send direct messages or just comment on tweets themselves. And you can retweet things that you like. Did your granddaughter perform well in a gymnastics meet? Retweet it!

Seniors can even follow hashtags, like they can do on Instagram, to learn more about topics that interest them.

Making Social Media Easy

But if you?re new to social media, starting a profile may seem daunting. Don?t worry! Here is a quick and easy guide to social media to help you get started.

While social media is no replacement for in-person interaction, it is a great resource to help seniors stay engaged with their friends and family members until they can see them again. If your family member requires more interaction, you may want to consider companionship services.

As social media platforms evolve, there may be even more opportunities for seniors to stay connected digitally.


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