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Spending Super Bowl Sunday With Your Senior Loved One

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For most football fans, this time of year means one thing and one thing only?preparing for the Super Bowl. There is no denying that this Sunday is the biggest day in sports, whether you are a diehard NFL fan or not. However, if you are planning on watching the Super Bowl with your senior loved one, then there are a few things that you will want to do in order to make sure that you are both making the most of this fun day in sports.

If your senior loved one is in a nursing home or assisted living community?then it doesn?t mean that there aren?t specific things you can do to make this a memorable time together. You may just need to make a few small adjustments to the experience. Take a look at these easy and practical tips that can help you make the most out of your Super Bowl viewing experience.

Focus on Spending Quality Time Together

Whether it is just you and your loved one enjoying the game or if you are hosting a get together with your senior in tow?make sure that you don?t forget to spend quality time together during the game. After all, you will be in a comfortable and relaxing environment so whether you are just sitting with them, taking the time to tell stories during commercial breaks or having them help you as you prepare snacks for the big event?there are a lot of opportunities to spend time together and you should take advantage of them.

If you are someone who is really invested in this year?s Super Bowl matchup and think you can?t focus enough attention on your senior loved one during the game, then this may not be the event for you.

Get Them Involved In the Game

If your senior loved one isn?t particularly big in to football?it is OK. You should still take a few extra steps to help get them involved in the game. If they don?t really know either team, just give them a suggestion for who to root for so they have some interest in the game and cheering for one team or the other.

You can also consider getting your loved one a new shirt, jersey or some pom poms and cheering accessories that can really help get them in to ?rooting? for one of the teams. It doesn?t matter if this interest in who wins doesn?t last all that long?it is OK if your loved one loses interest in the game, but getting them all set up for who to root for can make it feel more special than just sitting around with the television on.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Like a lot of ?big? events like this, the Super Bowl is a great time to encourage seniors to take a trip down memory lane. You can ask your senior loved one about what they used to do for Super Bowls when they were younger or ask them to tell you about a favorite story when they watched a Super Bowl or went to a memorable football game.

You may get to hear a new story you?ve never heard before, or learn about a tradition that your senior loved one used to enjoy when they were younger. This is a great conservation starter that can really help any senior get involved in the game.

Prepare Healthy Snacks

One of the best things about Super Bowl parties is the snacks, so take the opportunity to make some really special snacks for your senior loved one. Your senior may not be able to (or want to) enjoy all of the pizza, wings and greasy foods that come with traditional Super Bowl fare, so consider making some healthier snacks, like sandwiches on whole wheat bread, veggie trays or grilled chicken tenders instead.

It can still be a great hit! And you cannot only help your loved one enjoy some food items outside their normal menu, but you can take the time to make these snacks together and really enjoy some extra bonding time.

Make Some Friendly Wagers

There are a lot of people who like to make bets during the Super Bowl?so why not get in on some (responsible) fun. Instead of betting money, bet snacks, small prizes or who gets to choose what to have for dinner later that week.

This is a great way to really get in on the fun, but without putting too much pressure on your loved one by betting money. There is a little extra thrill that can come with placing a friendly bet. And you can bet on more than just who wins the game. You can place fun bets like who will score first, what songs are played at the half time show and how long the Start Spangled Banner takes.

Get Into the Commercials

For a lot of people, the Super Bowl is about the commercials more than the football?and that is OK. The commercials are another fun thing to chat about with your senior loved one and another experience that can bring up conversation starters and stories from the past. The commercials are fun, so why not get into them?

The Super Bowl is a fun opportunity to go all out and make a special night together with your senior loved one. If you keep these tips in mind and make sure to not make the experience too overwhelming for them, it can end up being a truly wonderful bonding experience.

After all of the excitement from the holidays is over, take this opportunity to really make for a special night with senior loved ones. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a really thing during this time of year, and seniors are even more vulnerable to it than other age groups. This is why the Super Bowl is such a great opportunity to schedule some post-holiday fun with your senior loved one.

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