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Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Get Any Senior Ready for the New Season

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While it may not seem like it to everyone?spring really is just right around the corner, meaning there is no better time to engage in some annual spring cleaning. This is a great way for any senior to get rid of clutter, reorganize, and get your home clean and ready for some warmer weather.

Whether you live in the same house you have been in for decades, or are trying to manage a new setup in an assisted living community, everyone can benefit from a little spring cleaning. Here are a few helpful tips that can help seniors safely engage in some spring cleaning this season.

  1. The Right Tools Can Be Your Friend- Little tools like a duster with an extender or a long-reach squeegee for your window can help you safely do your cleaning without having to push or strain yourself, and is a great way to prevent potential falls. Another great tool that can help prevent strain and injury is the right sized broom and a self-standing dustpan?you will thank us for those later!
  2. Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet- Spring cleaning time is the perfect time to clean out your medicine cabinet. Expired medications will not do you any good and they will clutter up your medicine cabinet?they can also present a potential health and safety risk should you accidentally take an expired medication.
  3. Check Your Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers- This is another routine chore that many people forget to do, but is one that can help keep your home safe. Fire extinguishers actually have an expiration date! If you can?t reach your smoke detectors on a small step stool?ask someone else to do it, even small ladders can be a serious hazard.
  4. Put Away the Clutter- We all have clutter, but when those ?organized? clutter piles start making their way to the floor and the stairs, they can actually be a fall hazard. If you are looking for a great way to keep this clutter organized, consider getting some small bins that will help keep the clutter contained and stored properly.
  5. Know Your Limits- It can be easy to get in the swing of spring home cleaning and feel like you want to tackle it all?but you need to know your limits. Don?t push yourself too hard, use small step stools, instead of large ladders and don?t strain yourself trying to lift anything too heavy.

Remember, if you are unsure about your ability to safely clean your home on your own, you should never risk it and always ask a loved one or family member for help. This is a great time to help you feel more clean and organized and ready for a fresh start with the new season!

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Lori Thomas
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