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Stress Management Techniques for Seniors

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While many people assume that retirement means the end of their stress and worries, for many seniors feeling of stress and anxiety only get worse when they enter into their golden years. There are so many new concerns that can develop with aging, ranging from loss of independence to managing your health and dealing with feels of loneliness and isolation.

This is why seniors need to understand some of the most proven stress management techniques out there that specially work on managing these types of stress. Here are some of the most valuable tips that every senior should follow.

1. Start With the Short-Term Solutions

When dealing with serious issues related to stress, it can be easy to fall into a spiral of worry about the future and about things that you simply cannot control. One way that seniors can help manage this type of stress is to stop and think about what they can do now to remedy the situation. Finding short term solutions to problems and starting to work in the moment to get rid of the stress can help put anyone at ease.

2. Write Down What You?re Thankful For

In times of stress, it can be easy for seniors to get overwhelmed with feelings of depression or anxiety in their time of need. This is normal. However, instead of falling into those depressing feelings, a great solution is to start writing down and thinking about what you are thankful for. Many seniors have so many great things, such as family members, grandchildren and a life full of memories to be appreciative of. This little exercise can do wonders to help put life in perspective and keep feelings of stress at bay.

3. Meditation

There are many seniors who subscribe to the art of meditation. This is because it really works. Meditation can help manage feelings of stress and anxiety and can help seniors refocus and feel at peace. Plus, meditation is simple. You just need 15 minutes per day in a quiet spot, without distractions to see the benefits.

4. Get Outside

For many seniors who struggle with mobility, getting outside can be difficult. However, getting out of the house can be essential when feelings of stress start to take over. A simple walk outdoors, or even sitting out in the fresh air can do wonders for the mind and the soul.

5.Find Someone to Talk to

It doesn?t need to be a professional, just someone you care about. Many seniors deal with issues related to loneliness and isolation. This paired with stress can be a serious problem for many elderly adults and make feelings of stress even worse. Finding someone to talk to about these stressors, even if it is a loved one is a great first-step. Many seniors understandably don?t like to show that they are weak, stressed or in need of help. However, reaching out to someone for a helping hand is so important and can do wonders for any senior?s stress levels.

6. Consider Energy Medicine

There are multiple outlets of energy medicine and this type of healing can be a great option for many people, including seniors. Energy medicine focuses on shifting the energy fields of a person’s body and can sometimes help heal cells and tissues. There are many different types of energy medicine including reiki, acupuncture, polarity therapy, homeopathy, flower essences, tapping, hands on healing and many more. For additional tips on energy medicine, click here.

7. Spend Time With Friends

Finally, one of the best ways to combat stress as well as loneliness is to?spend time with friends.? Making an in-person emotional and physical connection can be the key to lowering anxiety and stress for seniors, or anyone for that matter.? Seeing a movie, taking a walk, shopping together or even just sitting and talking can help calm nerves.


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