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Ten Tips to Ensure a Fun and Safe Halloween For Seniors

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Halloween is just a few days away, which means for many it is time to celebrate one of the most fun holidays of the year. If you are helping provide care for a senior and want to make sure that they have a fun Halloween this season, then there are a few tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to planning an All Hallows Eve celebration. Here are ten tips that will ensure your senior loved one has a safe and fun Halloween this year and every year to come.

  1. Be careful with decorations. While stairs are a fun place to put pumpkins and cobwebs look extra creepy in doorways, these items can actually be a falling hazard to some seniors and may cause them to trip. Make sure you are careful about where you place your decorations during this holiday.
  2. Keep the lights on. Turning the lights down can make a Halloween gathering super scary, but it can also be a danger for seniors. Falls are the number one reason seniors end up in the hospital, so don?t keep it so dark that seniors can?t see and accidentally trip.
  3. Hand out candy outdoors. Trick-or-treaters can be fun, but for some seniors, especially those with dementia, having strangers in the home and the constant ringing of the doorbell can be stressful and overwhelming. Hand out candy on your front porch to keep the evening calm.
  4. Get the seniors involved. Whether it is helping a grandchild trick-or-treat or decorating fun Halloween cookies, the more seniors are involved the more fun they will have during the holiday.
  5. Don?t push it. You may want seniors to get dressed up, attend parties or spend the whole night going along with your trick-or-treating brigade, but it may be too much for them to handle. Halloween can be a fun night, but don?t push it or make your senior uncomfortable.
  6. Do something specifically for them. Does your loved one have an old favorite scary movie? Do they like looking at old Halloween pictures? Plan an activity that is just for the senior so they feel included in the festivities.
  7. Make it a group effort. Halloween, just like any holiday can throw seniors off of their schedule. Make sure to have a few extra friends, family members or loved ones standing by in order to help keep the senior happy and engaged all evening long.
  8. Don?t leave seniors alone. Halloween is a common time for trick and pranks. These can be very scary and stressful for any senior, so don?t leave them alone on Halloween.
  9. Keep parties to a minimum. If you want to throw a Halloween shindig, that is great, but try to keep the party small. Too many strangers can cause stress.
  10. Watch what they eat. If your senior loved one doesn?t normally eat a lot of sweets and suddenly indulges in lots of sugary candy, it can have some dire consequences. Make sure that you are watching what they eat so they don?t get sick.

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