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Tips For Finding Senior Accessible Vacation Rentals

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It’s the time of year that is popular for vacations, and every year millions of families around the world will take off on a fun vacation where they can rest, relax and unwind. While families used to all pile in to the same hotel room when they were on vacation, now vacation rentals are easier than ever to find and book. Sites like Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway all make finding vacation rentals super simple and straightforward. However, if you are planning on traveling with a senior, you’ll want to make sure that you find vacation rental that is accessible for the elderly individuals in your group.? If the senior you’re traveling with has a disability, it’s especially important to find a location that is accessible for travel.

The great things about vacation rental sites is that filter features make it easy to search for homes that specifically have certain features that can make them more senior friendly.? Here are some of the filters to consider and ones that you can use to find senior-friendly homes.

  • Bathtubs with a shower chair or a roll-in shower with a chair
  • A handheld showerhead that can help make showering easier
  • A handicap parking spot near the entrance of the rental
  • Accessible-height beds and toilets
  • An elevator in the home that can help seniors get up and down multiple stories
  • Ramps outside the home for easy access into the rental
  • Grab bars in the bathroom along both the toilets and the showers
  • Step-free access into the home and different rooms
  • Wide-clearance in the bathroom, making it easy for seniors to get their walker or wheelchair in the bathroom
  • Wide clearance into the rooms and wide doorways and hallways
  • Bedroom on the main floor

If you are searching for a home on Airbnb, then you will find there is a filter tab that is specifically for ?Accessibility? that allows you to choose different home features such as this. Another great thing about these vacation rental sites is that they have maps available, so you can see how close your rental is to the different attractions or types of public transportation services that you want your senior loved one to be able to access.

Of course, with these rental sites you can also easily communicate with the owner of the property right online. They know the rental space better than anyone and will be able to answer any questions you may have about the accessibility of a rental unit.

There are so many benefits to using a vacation rental service and of being able to rent an entire home, condo or apartment for your whole family to enjoy vacation together. Keep these tips in mind as you look for a rental that has important accessibility features for your senior loved one.

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