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Tips For Buying a Senior-Friendly Car

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If your senior loved one is in the market for a new vehicle, then it is important that you step in to help them make sure they are buying the right car. There are many seniors that are able to be safe and cautious drivers, but who just need the right vehicle to help keep them safe on the road.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to remember when helping a senior loved one find a senior-friendly new car.

  • Look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for crash rate testings to see how any vehicle performed during safety tests. The administration ranks cars out of a five-star rating system to help consumers find the safest vehicle possible.
  • Back-up cameras are now a fixture in new cars, but it is important that you make sure the vehicle you purchase comes with one of these cameras. It can help adults who are less flexible easily see what is behind them.
  • Blind spot monitors are another great feature for seniors who may not be flexible enough to peer over and see what is in their blind spot. It is also a great feature to help prevent accidents. These monitors can include an audible signal, a warning light or even vibrations on the steering wheel to indicate when a driver has someone in their blind spot.
  • Power adjustable seats are another way to help make sure that seniors can safely get in and out of their car, and then adjust the seat to go back to a comfortable driving position. It is a small feature that can make a big deal when it comes to entering and exiting a car.
  • Automatic tailgates are great for seniors who are looking to drive bigger SUVs or crossovers. These tailgates open and close with the press of a button, making it easy to load and unload groceries.
  • Parallel parking assistant is a pretty high-tech feature, but it is one that will prevent unnecessary fender-benders and it is great for seniors who struggle to turn their head or look over their shoulder in order to safely parallel park their cars.
  • Adjustable steering wheels are important for seniors and every senior should test out not only how adjustable the steering wheel is, but whether or not it is easy to grip securely. When the steering wheel is thick, it is easier for seniors to hold on?especially if they struggle with arthritis.

Taking an extra look at safety features such as this can help you and your senior loved one make certain they will be in the best possible car for whenever they hit the road.

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