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Tips on Making a Bathroom Safer For Seniors

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If you are looking after a senior loved one, then it is your responsibility to help make sure they are as safe as possible. This means keeping them safe everywhere in the home, especially in the bathroom. While the bathroom may not seem like a particularly dangerous place, it can be for seniors. In fact, bathrooms are the most common place in the home for falls to happen. If you want to keep your bathroom safer for your senior loved one, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that your loved one doesn?t hurt themselves while in this room of the home.

  • Start with grab bars. Grab bars are essential in any senior?s bathroom and they can go a long way in making sure that falls do not happen. Install grab bars near the toilet and both inside and outside of the tub. These bars are designed to support the weight of an individual and are very safe. Towel bars do not count as grab bars.
  • Add some non-slip backing to your throw rugs. If you have a throw rug in your bathroom, you may not think it is a safety hazard, but it can be. A simple non-slip mat underneath can completely transform your bathroom in terms of safety.
  • Add a non-stick bottom to your tub. This will prevent falls from happening when your loved one is taking a shower.
  • Shower seats can help seniors who may get fatigued when bathing and can prevent fainting and falling during showering.
  • Add a raised toilet seat. This is a very helpful addition to any bathroom and is very common in handicapped bathrooms. When the toilet seat sits higher, it makes it much easier for seniors to get up and down off the toilet and it reduces the chances of falls.
  • Put bathroom essentials in an easy-to-reach location. Make sure that items like medication, toothpaste, soap and everyday essentials are in an easy-to-reach place for seniors. This way, they won?t be tempted to reach up high and try to grab something when they are getting something from their bathroom cabinets.
  • Add proper lighting to the bathroom. If your loved one has issues seeing and they are trying to use a restroom that is dark and cramped, it can make falls even more common. Proper lighting can go a long way in keeping a bathroom space safer.
  • Consider supervision. Many seniors may feel embarrassed about having to have supervision while using the restroom, but it may be what they need in order to stay safe and in order to prevent falls while using this room of the home.

Whether your loved one lives on their own and you are helping them better their bathroom, or if they are living with you and you are trying to better their bathroom that they use, these tips are important when it comes to the safety and well-being of your loved one.

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