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Tips on Taking Seniors to Sporting Events

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During the summer and fall months, there are so many fun professional sporting events that seniors and their family members can attend together. From MLB games and NFL games to local minor-league baseball games, attending a professional sporting event with a senior is a great way to spend quality family time together. While sporting events can be a lot of fun, many stadiums aren?t always the most senior friendly venues.

This is why it is important for any individual, taking a senior loved one to a sporting event to keep a few tips in mind. Preparing ahead of time can ensure that all parties involved have a safe and enjoyable experience and one that will create a special memory to last a lifetime.

  • If your senior loved one needs a wheelchair or a walker, call the stadium ahead of time to see if they have special services for the physically impaired. They may have someone that will meet you at the front gate and help escort you through the park.
  • Check on specialty handicapped parking for the event. Many times, patrons have to park far away and walk several blocks to reach the stadium.
  • Ask about handicapped seats. Even if your loved one doesn?t need a wheelchair, these seats don?t require fans to go up or down steps, and they typically only include three seats in a row. This means they won?t have to get up frequently to let other fans out.
  • Look out for senior-friendly discounts that can help make your tickets more affordable. Some sports teams will even do ?senior days.?
  • Look at a seating map when buying tickets to make sure your seat is somewhere that is easy for seniors to get in and out of, especially if they may need to get up during the game.
  • Check for bathrooms before finding your seat, so you know how to help your loved one should they need to get up.
  • Consider finding seats that will be in the shade. Call the ticket office to ask. During the warmer months, it can get quite hot in the sun at many ballparks.
  • Find out if you can bring snacks and water into the game with you. Some stadiums allow this, especially MLB stadiums. This is a great way to prevent the senior from needing to get up multiple times during the game.
  • Always make sure your senior loved one is drinking plenty of water. Even if it doesn?t feel overly hot, sitting outside for an extended period can dehydrate any senior.
  • Make sure to take lots of pictures and consider a souvenir, this can be a really fun event for any senior, particularly those who do not get out as much on their own, and it will be a day that they will want to remember.

Little extra steps such as this can really go a long way in helping any senior and their family enjoy their time at a sporting event. No matter who you are cheering on, safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to making sure your senior enjoys their day out at the game.

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