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Uber for Seniors?What Every Older Adult Should Know

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There are many seniors who find they are no longer able to safely drive on their own. This is one of the biggest challenges that many seniors face as they start to grow older. When seniors no longer feel comfortable driving at night, find they are getting in more accidents when driving, or who struggle to react as quickly as they need to when behind the wheel, may want to consider giving up their keys.

However, while giving up your keys can be a scary prospect, one of the biggest concerns that seniors have?is how they are going to get around. From going to the grocery store, to visiting friends and family and everything in between, giving up your keys can make many seniors worry they may be missing out on a lot of their life. However, that is until now. Thanks to the popularity of ride-sharing services, there are now great options for seniors who still want to get around.

Apps like Uber and Lyft have become extremely popular for older adults as they can easily help seniors get to and from every where they need. With these apps, all seniors need to do is to call a ride to their home and they can have someone pick them up and drop them off right where they need to do. No worrying about parking, no driving, no having to park far away walk. In fact, there are many seniors who are able to live at home longer, and maintain their independence thanks to services such as Uber.

In fact, Uber has been taking extra steps in order to make sure that seniors around the country are able to easily get the rides that they need for medical appointments, errands and other essential trips. This is why, now even seniors without smartphones can contact Uber directly in order to organize a ride?this is a great option for seniors who are not particularly tech-savvy.

Uber has also launched their Uber Central program, which was designed with caregivers and senior centers in mind. There are now Uber Central hubs in countless senior centers throughout the country, that allows you to request, manage and pay for rides through one centralized platform so caregivers can order rides for seniors, even when they can?t do it for themselves.

Now seniors who are on-the-fence about giving up driving can make this decision with confidence, knowing that even when they can?t drive themselves, they can still get everywhere they need to be with these safe and reliable ride services.

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