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Unhealthy Snacks For Seniors to Avoid

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Snacking is an important activity and one that can help any person stay full throughout the day without eating a large meal. Snacks can give you energy, help you fight cravings and more?however, not all snacks are healthy (as most people know). If you happen to be a fan of snacking, it is important to make sure that the snacks you are eating are healthy?particularly if you are a senior or older adult.

Unfortunately, there are many snacks out there that are touted as being healthy, but really aren?t as healthy as they seem. Seniors are already prone to different health issues, which is why it is so important for older adults to be aware of potentially unhealthy snacks that may be unintentionally impacting their diet.

Here are a few different unhealthy snacks for every senior should be aware of and try to avoid.

  • Flavored yogurt. While plain Greek yogurt can be a delicious, healthy snack and filled with good bacteria, not all yogurt is healthy. Try to avoid yogurt that is flavored, filled with candies, sprinkles, fruity syrups and sugars?they can be filled with unexpected carbs and sugar.
  • Trail mix. Sure, trail mix sounds healthy, but most trail mixes are filled with salty nuts and chocolate that can be very unhealthy, especially when consumed in mass quantities.
  • Veggie straws. Veggie straws are all the rage right now, and seem to be everywhere. While the name ?veggie? can seem like these snacks are healthy?don?t let the name confuse you. Most of these veggie straws and chips have just as many calories, salt and sodium in it as regular potato chips.
  • Mixed nuts. While raw or unsalted almonds in small quantities are healthy?eating too many nuts can be very unhealthy as they are typically covered in salt and sodium. Eating handfuls of salty nuts can dehydrate any senior and increase their sodium levels. Salt can be very dangerous for seniors, especially if they already have high sodium levels.
  • Granola Bars. This is another food that seems like it would be a healthy snack for on-the-go. However, if you really look at the labels on granola and protein bars, you may be surprised to find out just how unhealthy they really can be. Most of these bars are filled with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Dried Fruit. Lots of seniors like munching on dried fruit when they need a sweet and healthy snack?but this is another one of those foods that you need to check the label on. Make sure that this dried fruit isn?t overly processed and covered in sugar. Otherwise, it may be no better than munching on candy.

The thing to remember about these snacks is that they often are advertised as ?healthy? options, which can be confusing for anyone. Just remember to do your best to avoid these snacks when trying to stay on a healthy diet.

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Lori Thomas
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