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What Are Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

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Today, there are so many different resources available for seniors as they age, and a number of different types of living communities that cater to the needs of today?s seniors. One of the most popular types of these facilities are known as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs).

If you are unfamiliar with these communities and what they can offer?it may be time to take a look at what CCRCs can do for you or a senior loved one.

The goal of a continuing care retirement community is to allow residents the opportunity to get the appropriate level of care throughout a variety of stages in their life.

Simply put, these communities offer care across a continuum, so seniors can enjoy everything from independent living all the way to skilled nursing care in one community, as their health needs change. This all happens in one community, which means seniors do not need to move or transition to a new living community when their health care needs change.

Here are a few other important facts that everyone should know about continuing care retirement communities:

  • The minimum age requirement for these communities is 62 due to the restrictions from the Housing for Older Persons Act.
  • These communities generally expect residents to move in while they are still healthy enough to live independently, and then transition to other forms of care, as needed.
  • CCRCs will offer a variety of different apartment, room and housing options within a single building or campus.
  • There are typically three types of contracts available with these communities, and seniors can choose an option based on their projected needs.
  • The typical progression of options in this community are independent living, then assisted living followed by skilled nursing services.

The great news is that these communities are becoming more and more popular across the United States, as seniors are seeing a need for having care options now and into their futures. This also helps seniors who are worried about the stressors of moving or about getting in to crowded assisted living communities in the future. Seniors who are interested in these types of communities should try to get in while they are still able to live alone independently?the great news is, these communities always have wonderful amenities and things to do, making them fun places to live for any older adult.

CCRCs are great living options for seniors who want to plan for their needs now and their needs for the future and can help any older adult find a comfortable and accommodating place to spend their golden years, no matter what health changes come their way.

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