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Winter Is the New Summer?Fun Senior Friendly Activities That Will Make Winter Your Favorite Season

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There are so many people, of all ages, who just simply don?t love the winter. Whether it is the cold, or the dark or the dangers of snow and ice, winter is not exactly a lot of people?s favorite holidays?especially seniors. While there are some seniors who will choose to retreat to warmer destinations during the winter, there are many seniors who just tough it out instead?and will look for different activities that they can do to have fun all winter long.

While this may sound easier said than done, these senior-friendly activities can be a great source of inspiration for you to try and have fun this winter season. These safe, senior-friendly indoor activities are safe, fun and a great way to beat the cold.

Take a Dip in the Pool

Swimming isn?t just a summer activity?it is a great winter outing as well. Swimming in the winter is a great way to get some wonderful exercise. There are so many gyms and aquatic centers that have indoor swimming pools and many of them offer special discounts and membership rates for seniors.

Swimming isn?t only fun, but it is a great way for seniors to get out of the house and challenge themselves physically and mentally. Swimming is perfect for seniors because it is a low impact activity and one that isn?t tough on sensitive joints and has no weight bearing.

You can even push yourself to try a water aerobics class for seniors.

Fun and exercise all in one activity? It is easy to see why so many seniors love to swim all year long.

Join a Book Club

Book clubs are such a fun reason for any group of peers to get together and a great way for seniors to socialize and push themselves mentally and try and read new things. Trust us, when those winter evenings get dull, you will love having a book to cozy up to and love planning ahead for your book club meetings.

Whether you want to start your very own book club with friends and neighbors or reach out to others (or even your local library) to find an existing book club to join?there are so many great benefits of book clubs.

Hit the Lanes

Being active in the winter doesn?t necessarily mean going to the gym or taking a dip in the pool?there are other ways to stay active as well. We suggest joining a bowling league. There are so many senior-bowling leagues and lanes across the country and they are both a great activity to get out of the house and a great social activity.

The best part about bowling? It doesn?t have to be warm out for you to hit the lanes and start bowling.

Get in the Mood for Spring and Start Growing

Gardening is a great activity for the spring, but it is also something that you can do in the winter as well! Starting and maintaining an indoor garden and growing plants indoors is a fun activity and a great project that you can manage on your free time.

You can grow vegetables in your indoor garden, or even certain fruits. There are plenty of kits and indoor heat lamps and lighting systems that can help you maintain something more difficult like this. You can also start planting and growing flowers which will bring a little freshness and beauty indoors during the winter.

Embrace Your Inner Kid and Start Playing Games and Puzzles

A quick trip to the toy and game department may inspire you to try something new and to embrace your inner child. Puzzles are a great activity for seniors and they can really stimulate the brain and challenge you to start thinking. Puzzles come in all different forms and sizes whether you prefer word games, number challenges or classic jig saw puzzles.

While you?re looking for these fun indoor activities, why not pick up some board games as well? Board games are a fun way to spend time with your friends, family and loves ones and can encourage any senior to embrace their silly side and have a little fun.

Learn Something New

You?re never too old to learn something new. This winter, instead of spending all of your time indoors reading the paper or watching television?why not challenge yourself to try something new. We recommend trying something like an instrument.

It is a great way to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, challenge yourself to do something new and it takes a lot of practice?which will really fill those cold winter nights up. Think about an instrument you?ve always wanted to learn to play, and give it a try! While lessons are always a great place to start, there are so many different online programs and even YouTube videos that can help you as well.

Dance Like No One?s Watching

If you are a musical person?but not necessarily someone who wants to learn a new instrument, why not give dancing a try? Dancing is a great way to stay active and get moving, especially in the winter months when many people find themselves curled up inside all day.

You can join a senior dancing class like Zumba, or challenge yourself to sign up for ballroom or line dancing classes. If you aren?t big on the organized group dancing?why not just turn some music on and start dancing around your own house in the afternoons to have a little fun and get a little exercise while you?re at it.

With fun activities like this on your agenda all winter long, you may quickly find there is no need to shy away from the winter season and can soon start having a greater appreciation for the winter and just how great this time of year can be!

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