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Moving to an assisted living facility is a great opportunity for many seniors to start a brand new chapter in their lives. When it comes to transitioning to this new type of assisted living community, it is very important that seniors take advantage of all of the new resources and activities that are at their fingertips. Assisted living facilities provide many seniors with the unique opportunity to start trying new things and pushing themselves to get out of their comfort zone.

There are many assisted living communities today that offer different types of dance and exercise classes for their senior members. This is because it is so important for seniors to stay active and stay moving during this time of their lives. Daily exercise is essential to preventing joint pain, improving mood, promoting good cardiovascular health and maintaining a healthy weight.

While many senior assisted living facilities have been promoting this message for years, some fun-loving assisted living residents from Georgia are helping to show seniors first hand, just how fun getting up and moving can be. The two ladies, Mary Thompson, 80, and Eleanor Fredriksen, 83, have recently become viral video sensations with their upbeat dance routine to the popular Silento song ?Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).?

The video, seen below, was posted on April 4th on the ladies? assisted living center?s Facebook page. Since then, it has already received more than 27 million views on Somerby of Peachtree City official Facebook.

Fans of the slick moving ladies can now see their moves on the below YouTube clip as well.


While the video is helping the two women garner a great deal of attention, with several news outlets covering the women and their dance moves, it is bringing even more attention to the importance of seniors getting up and getting moving. Both ladies were able to push themselves to try something new, and to dance to something new, but above all things were enjoying a little extra exercise at their senior assisted living facility, all while having fun and making friends.

There are many seniors today who are not getting enough exercise. While pain, discomfort and lack of motion may all be excuses for sedentary lifestyles, it is important that seniors, even those with limited mobility are doing their best to stay as active as they can.

The video may be going viral, but the message behind it is clear: you are never too old to get, up get moving and have a little fun. It is good for the body, good for the spirit and a great way to stay healthy and enjoy life well into your golden years.