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Independent Living in Maryland

Maryland contains 222 independent living communities, with 1,703 total senior housing providers operating in the state. With costs of independent living communities in Maryland generally ranging from $495 to $4,840 monthly, the average yearly cost comes in around $22,440. The monthly national median cost is approximately $1,925.

The Salisbury metro area has the highest independent living expenses in Maryland, with annual costs of approximately $33,677 and ranging from $1,568 per month up to $4,496 per month. The lowest independent living prices in Maryland are in the Cumberland area. Here, they range between $1,627 and $2,998 per month, with an average annual cost of around $23,760.

Maryland has an excellent SeniorScore™ of 75. The state contains a total population of around 5,773,561, which makes it the 19th biggest state in the nation. Within this population, around 28% are over the age of 55. On average, residents have a life span of approximately 78.8.

The mean income per household in Maryland is $94,300, with a median income of about $77,110, and per capita income of roughly $35,800 on an annual basis. It currently has an unemployment rate of about 7.29% and the overall cost of living is very high.

With mean temperatures ranging from 43.7 to 64.6 degrees Fahrenheit, Maryland has a generally mild climate. The average annual temperature is around 54.7 degrees.

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