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Respite Care in Virginia

Our records show that Virginia has at least 1,131 senior living providers, including 384 respite facilities. Costs of respite care facilities in Virginia typically range from $5,090 to $17,357 per month, with median costs running around $77,015 per year. The nationwide median cost for all states is approximately $9,222 monthly.

Virginia has an excellent SeniorScore™ of 78. According to the most current census data, the state contains a combined population of around 8,001,239, which makes it the 12th biggest state in the nation. Within this population, around 30% are 55 years of age or older. On average, residents have a life span of approximately 79.

Families in Virginia earn an average of about $86,407 in household income annually. The median income per household is $70,281. On an individual basis, residents earn around $33,183. The state has currently has an unemployment rate of approximately 6.42% and a high overall cost of living.

With average temperatures ranging from 43.7 to 66.5 degrees Fahrenheit, Virginia typically has a cooler climate. The average temperature throughout the year is about 55.6 degrees.

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