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Assisted Living in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska has 281 assisted living facilities, with 492 total senior care providers operating in the state. Costs of assisted living communities in Nebraska generally range from $1,075 to $7,500 per month, with median costs running about $39,570 yearly. The nationwide median cost for all 50 states is around $3,500 per month.

The metro area of Lincoln generally has the highest assisted living expenses in the state of Nebraska, with prices ranging from $3,273 per month up to $6,225 per month and an average yearly cost of approximately $62,370. The lowest assisted living prices in Nebraska are in and around the Grand Island area, where they average around $43,200 yearly and range from $3,212 to $4,895 per month.

Nebraska has an excellent SeniorScore™ of 75. As reported by the most current census, the state contains a combined population of about 1,826,766, which makes it the 38th biggest state in the country. Among this populace, around 32% are seniors. The average life expectancy is about 79.8 years.

The mean income per household in Nebraska is $65,375, with a median income of around $53,052. Those who live in the state bring in about $26,140 on an individual basis. The overall cost of living in the state is very low. It presently has an unemployment rate of approximately 5.49%.

Nebraska generally has a colder than average climate, with average annual temperatures around 49.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature is around 36 and the high temperature averages 61.4 degrees.

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