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Assisted Living in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has 171 senior care providers, which include 70 assisted living communities. According to data collected by Medicare, the median cost of assisted living facilities in Rhode Island is $58,740 per year, with costs typically ranging from $1,825 to $6,388 per month. The national average cost for the entire country is approximately $3,500 per month.

Rhode Island has a good SeniorScore™ of 71. As reported by the latest census information, the state has a combined population of approximately 1,052,581, which makes it the 43rd biggest state in the nation. Within this populace, around 27% are seniors. On average, residents have a life expectancy of around 79.9.

The average household income in Rhode Island is $73,697, with median earnings of around $57,885. Those who reside in the state earn around $29,682 on a per capita basis. The general cost of living in the state is very high and it presently has an unemployment rate of around 9.02%.

Rhode Island generally has a mild climate, with average temperatures near 50.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature is approximately 40.2 and the high temperature averages 59.2 degrees.

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